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Where to find us on your bill?

Ever wonder what the charges on your utility bill are and what they all mean? Well, we are here to help you decipher your own gas bills (for Electricity click here) so you never have to wonder again! But just to be clear, we are NOT your utility that provides these bills to you. We are just simply explaining the charges on your bill so you can be an expert the next time your utility bill arrives! 

Let's begin with your Natural Gas utility Enbridge (For Union Gas customers click here )

Customer Charge

This charge is a fixed amount billed to all accounts, every month, with or without gas consumption.

Delivery to You

This charge reflects the costs to safely and reliably deliver the natural gas to your home or business.

Transportation to Enbridge

This charge reflects the cost of transporting natural gas from Western Canada and the United States to Ontario.

Cost adjustment

Used for costs that are passed on to customers with no mark up, such as the cost of natural gas and the cost of transporting natural gas. The utility uses adjustments to ensure that in the end, customers receiving the product or service from them pay exactly what they paid. The adjustment can be a charge or a refund and may include components for natural gas supply, transportation, and delivery.

Gas supply charge

This is the cost of the actual natural gas commodity that is consumed by your home or business. The rate you pay per cubic meter of natural gas is the part of the bill where Canadian Energy Protection will protect you from fluctuations and any increases that occur.

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